Asset Management and Maintenance Contracting

Due to today's budget constraints, many cities and counties have to maximize every dollar they have to spend on maintenance. Our roads and bridges require more maintenance as traffic volume continues to increase, and citizens expect the work to be done in a timely manner. Lanford Brothers specializes in road, bridge and incidental concrete maintenance and repair, so we can reduce costs, increase quality and decrease the time the traveling public is inconvenienced by the work. We have a large, well-equipped fleet of equipment dealing with all areas of specialty work. Most importantly, we have well-trained, highly motivated personnel with many years of experience who have a vested interest in Lanford Brothers' success.

What's the difference?

Both Asset Management and Maintenance Contracting are terms that refer to services relating to the work that must be done on our roads and bridges to ensure they remain safe and reliable in the future. Though the terms are synonymous, commercial owners use the title Asset Management. DOTs and municipalities generally call this type of Service Maintenance Contracting.

Serving Municipalities & Commercial Owners

We have been actively engaged in maintenance contracting since 1995. Some of our projects include work with VDOT, Trasnfield, DBI and ICA.

While this type of contracting is relatively new, we decided it fit well into the Lanford Brothers Co. capabilities. Because of our wide range of services, Lanford Brothers Co. offers municipalities & commercial owners everything they need to maintain their concrete & steel structures.

Whether you are a commercial owner or working with a municipality, we encourage you to contact Ken Lanford today for a quote or more info on this service.

Our Asset Management & Maintenance Contracting Services Include:

  • Pavement Maintenance
    • Asphalt and concrete milling
    • Crack sealing
    • Utility adjustment
    • Pothole repair
    • Street sweeping
    • Shoulder construction and repair with milled material
  • Bridge and Incidental Concrete Repairs
    • Epoxy mortar
    • Latex concrete
    • Silica fume
    • Very early strength concrete mixtures allowing for minimal disruption to the traveling public
  • Bridge Maintenance
    • Pressure washing
    • Drain cleaning
    • Graffiti removal
    • Concrete coatings
  • Signing: Installation, repair and maintenance of signs.
  • Emergency Response: By adding an emergency mobilization to a maintenance contract, you will have a rapid response by Lanford personnel providing:
    • All necessary traffic control
    • Message boards
    • Detours and signing in accordance with the MUTCD guidelines manual
    • A safe and timely repair with minimal inconvenience to traveling public