Character & Community

Our founders set a standard of character for us to follow. Faithful to their example, we continue to value integrity of the individual, honesty to our customers, and an ongoing commitment to our community and industry. As a company and individually, we actively support many civic causes and work within our industry to provide leadership.

What does this mean for you?

As our customer, you need to know you can trust us on crucial projects. While our past work qualifies our craftsmanship, our relationships within our community demonstrate the conviction of our character. Our pattern of integrity means you will have peace of mind as we handle the needs of your project.

Just a few examples of our community involvement:

Work Zone Safety Education

This is another outreach program for high school students that we strongly support. This helps beginning drivers better understand the life and death consequences of not obeying work zone traffic controls. It is an outstanding program and we have received many positive comments about it.

Highway Worker Memorial Scholarship Program

Jack and Stan Lanford established this scholarship in 1999 through the American Road and Transportation Builders Association's Transportation Development Foundation. This program provides financial assistance to help the sons, daughters or legally adopted children of highway workers killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty pursue post-high school education. This scholarship is awarded annually and is supported by contributions from highway construction industry executives and firms nationwide. Find out more here, or you can get an application here.

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The award-winning American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) is the U.S. transportation construction industry's representative in Washington, D.C. Its mission: advocating strong federal investment in the nation's transportation infrastructure to meet public demand for a safe and efficient business transportation network. Lanford Brothers has been a member of this organization since 1975. Both Stan and Jack Lanford have held leadership positions in this organization, including Chairman (Jack in 1991 and Stan in 1999). Pete Ruane, President and CEO of ARTBA, has said, "I can't think of another family that has given as much back to the industry at the national level as the Lanfords have in terms of volunteer time and leadership." ARTBA is our industry's voice to Congress, keeping our representatives informed of the issues and problems we need addressed to maintain our transportation systems.

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Lanford Brothers has been active in Virginia Road & Transportation Builders Association (VRTBA) since the 1970's. The organization has now combined with the Aggregates Association to become the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA). Many officers at LBC have held leadership positions in this organization as we believe that those making a living in this industry need to help educate and inform others about the needs in our industry. The goals of the VTCA are as follows. They promote public and legislative awareness of the advantages of a beneficial transportation system. They work to protect and enhance transportation revenues for construction and maintenance of transportation facilities and apprise lawmakers with factual data so that legislation can be most accurately considered. They promote open communication and cooperation between the industry and the Virginia Department of Transportation and promote building by competitive contract, bringing the public better transportation facilities at lower costs. VTCA promotes equal opportunities for all qualified persons or companies desiring to compete in the industry, and they assist the American Road and Transportation Builders Association to ensure continued federal support for a progressive national transportation system. Lastly, they provide pertinent information, educational opportunities and training to member firms and strive to maximize association membership among firms participating in Virginia's transportation program.

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