Specialty Services

As our company grows, we continue to look for opportunities to add to our capabilities. This has given us the ability to purchase special equipment to perform tasks unique to our industry. For each of our Specialty Services, we have trained personnel experienced and ready to complete your project.

Mobile Latex Modified Concrete Application

Our Mobile Latex Modified Concrete Mixers are available to supply both normal and rapid set concrete overlays. They can also be used to patch potholes when needed.


We shotblast concrete surfaces where different types of overlays are needed. This is a great alternative to sand blasting as a surface preparation.

Transverse Bridge Deck Grooving:

Lanford Brothers grooves concrete surfaces for new construction or repair work.


This Lanford Brothers specialty allows us the ability to quote you on bridge repair work, retaining wall construction, and any type of concrete wall repair.

Please contact us for a quote on your upcoming project.