"Lanford Brothers has been an incredible supporter of so many programs and organizations in the Roanoke Valley since their founding. Stan and Jack were always there when folks needed help and support and the philosophy continues today under Ken's leadership. Here at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Virginia's Official Transportation Museum, Lanford has fixed windows, moved locomotives, installed cameras, moved fences and plowed snow to state a few examples of their able assistance. They are our right arm in times of challenge to all non-profits in the area. The leadership and character the company has provided by letting its employees be involved has made the Roanoke Valley a much better place in which to live. The company always gives back to this region and we all are extremely grateful for their continued leadership and service. Lanford Brothers makes a difference here in this Valley everyday".

Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Executive Director of the Virginia Museum of Transportation

"I am with the Florence Bridge Construction Unit of the SCDOT ... Your personnel have demonstrated the knowledge, attitude, and professionalism that have earned my respect and gratitude. Thanks again for the quality product your company is providing."

Robert E. Powers, Bridge Resident Construction Engineer for SCDOT